Employee Care Manager Job Opening

Job Opening: Employee Care Manager

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An Employee Care Manager (ECM) or Staffing Scheduler is primarily responsible for ensuring the smooth ongoing care of our clients. Core responsibilities include the training, scheduling, support and performance evaluation of caregiving staff. ECMs are also responsible for “covering” client-facing functions when the Client Care Manager (CCM) is unavailable. In addition, she/he will take on some client-facing retention responsibilities and participate in office projects, special campaigns and network marketing efforts. ECMs are expected to manage 30 to 60 active clients at a time. Responsibilities may include:
  • Caregiver Hiring and Training
  • Conduct phone and in person interviews for caregiver applicants. Guide them through the initial caregiver packet including basic application, tax forms, authorization for background check,and caregiver screening test
  • Invite appropriate applicants to return to the office for new hire orientation
  • Collect relevant caregiver information including Working Availability, Special Skills, Interests and a Digital Photo
  • Scan all caregiver documents and upload into ClearCare (software system). Maintain paper copies of all documents in a file folder labeled with the caregiver’s name
  • Caregiver staffing
  • Maintain Caregiver Database, including work schedules, seniority with HCA and their performance history (e.g., incident reports, client satisfaction comments, missed days, etc.)
  • Recommend caregivers to cases based on matching schedules, personality fit with clients, skill fit with clients (e.g., drivers, CNAs), and prior caregiver performance
  • Each ECM is expected to be on call during some off-hours and during weekends (this responsibility is shared within the ECM group).
  • ECMs must perform caregiver intros to the clients as appropriate.
  • Caregiver reviews and rate increases and appreciation
  • ECM is responsible to draft and give annual performance appraisals to the caregivers under their responsibility in a timely manner. A rate increase request form should be filled out in advance of these reviews where appropriate.
  • The ECM should recognize caregivers who go above and beyond, e.g. with a personal note or gift card.
  • Caregiver incident reports
  • All caregiver incidents reported by the client need to be addressed by the assigned ECM in a timely manner.
  • Ongoing caregiver trainings
  • ECM must assist in ensuring that annual caregiver training occurs.
  • Other territory support
  • Office Operations
  • Accurate timesheets and schedules
  • ECMs are responsible for ensuring that all active schedules are covered and that all caregivers are checking in and out of Clear Care on a daily basis. Schedules from the prior day should be confirmed next day – either via ClearCare check-in or Care Coordinator follow-up. Weekend schedules will be confirmed on Mondays. All schedules must be approved and finalized by Monday at 9 am.
  • Caregiver Recruitment – ECMs are responsible for maintaining a steady flow of caregiver applicants to the office. Duties include responding to caregiver web inquiries and managing caregiver acquisition sources
  • HR – ECMs are responsible for office compliance with all caregiver HR policies including hire packets, regular reviews, incident reporting and disciplinary actions
  • Special Campaigns and Projects – ECMs are expected to contribute to special campaigns and projects within the office or territory including: caregiver recognition, client appreciation, local marketing, etc.
  • Caregiver Roster Maintenance – ECMs are responsible for maintaining an active roster of caregivers at all times/
  • Other duties as assigned
Employee Care Manager


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